Horse Girls In Love

It’s true I do love you. But Jubilee is rad anyway. 

Both versions of Robin from my game! Right now I’m playing a file with f!Robin so she can marry Chrom again. 

Elder McKinley with palette #16! I missed drawing McKinley, it’s been too long. Thank you for the request! 


I actually checked my phone before I even got this ask so HA! 

AmeriKate though <33 I went with palette #15 

The fire emblem color meme doodles continue 

I used the color meme that’s been going around (and a random number generator because I wasn’t super hopeful about actually getting requests) and drew these girlfriends

I just replaced the entire upper half Kjelle’s armor with a crop top because she would totally train in that if it was available. Maybe Anna hooked her up. 

Snow Witch with her owl familiars

Woo it’s my Trucy cosplay! 

I finished this in two weeks after planning to make it for months and I’m super excited about it. Cosplaying Trucy at Momocon was incredibly fun. I noticed a huge growth in Ace Attorney cosplayers this year, probably because of Dual Destinies. I’m glad I was able to join them! 

photo credit to the fabulous Iris Ray

Demon lady will fuck you up